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Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony

A Complete Radical Forgiveness Experience in an afternoon.

    Inspired by indigenous people’s healing circles, this largely non-verbal, ritual preserves privacy and anonymity, yet has proven itself to be extremely powerful and effective in allowing people to forgive themselves and others, and to find peace and happiness.

    We walk the circle to silently honor and witness our story of what happened. As we see others walk too, we realize we are not alone and we honor their pain. After hearing a special Radical Forgiveness story, we walk the circle again and ask inwardly to come to a new place of forgiveness and peace. Believe me, it works! People leave with tears of joy and smiling faces. dkdk Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony.*

    Note:  20 or more participant are needed to hold the Circle Ceremony.  See More about the Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony.

    (Please note that participants must be 18 yrs or older.)

For more information please contact:
Ed at: 781-608-6274
Email: ed@radicalforgivenesscoach.com

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